2020 Art Show

Welcome to our virtual gallery. This tour showcases a selection of work from VCE students studying Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design and Media in 2020.

Congratulations and thank you to all students who participated in the Visual Arts across this year whether that was in a formal class, as part of the Art Society or Art Club, or a contribution to the Zine.


Deborah Harman

Ramona Tilley
Director of Visual Arts

Marrisa & Calvin
Visual Arts Captains

Lucy and Mayland
Art Ambassadors


Every year, as part of the Art Show we recognise the efforts and achievements of students from each year level. This year’s awards go to…


In lieu of Media Night this year, we present the award winner Joe Mason’s documentary film, plus highlights reels from VCE Media, and 9 & 10 Media.

Year 7 Visual Arts Gallery

Year 8 Visual Arts Gallery

Year 9 Visual Arts Gallery

Year 10 Visual Arts Gallery

Visual Arts Staff

Ms Ramona Tilley – Media
Ms Sarah McCrum – VCD and Art
Ms Merinda Ries – Studio Arts
Ms Olivia Cooke – Studio Arts, Photography
Ms Nola Binos – Studio Arts, Photography
Mr Bruce McLaverty – VCD, Media and Art
Mr Nam Nguyen – Media
Ms Susanna Palermo – Art
Ms Marie Grant – Art
Ms Cas Peters – Art
Ms Jen Jones – Art
Mr Andrew Smith – Art
Ms Madeleine Leahy – Art Assistant
Ms Beatrice Wharldall – Art Assistant