Principal’s Message

‘A community growing together through learning’

Dr George Akomas espouses that ‘success is an attitude, a mindset, a commitment, a promise’. That is what defines Balwyn High School – the calibre of our leaders, students, staff and families who continually aspire to new levels of excellence, are challenged but supported at every stage, and who are recognised and celebrated for their work and achievements.

At Balwyn High School we are proud of our culturally diverse community. We are constantly looking at ways to enhance the educational experiences of all of our students through highly effective and dedicated teaching practice and the championing of student voice at every year level.

We confidently believe that our high expectations and our academic and renowned co-curricular programs empower students to be confident and responsible for their own behaviour and learning, and for them to contribute meaningfully, compassionately and positively to their future, our school community and beyond.

I look forward to discussing our school with you and your family.

Deborah Harman – Principal