Middle School


Year 7 at Balwyn High School is characterised by its focus on the transition of students from primary to secondary school, and also by the transition from child to responsible young adult. Students are supported to develop the management of their learning through the use of the Student Planner and Compass Learning Tasks. Most Year 7 students will access the laptop program and continue to develop their ability to incorporate digital technologies into their learning. Learning at Year 7 focuses on a range of core subjects including; English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Physical Education and Health, Music and either French or Chinese. Major Events at Year 7 include the Student Transition and Enhancement Program (STEP), Year 7 Camp, Respecting Others workshop and a range of excursions.


Year 8 is a year where students are assisted to be the best learners they can be. Students participate in a range of activities both within and outside the school which are designed to develop the values needed to become lifelong learners and committed community members. In addition to the core subjects all Year 8 students undertake Food Studies for one Semester. Other major activities include the Year 8 Canberra Tour which has a focus on civics and political education and Project Rockit, which supports students to use digital technologies responsibly. Year 8 students are widely represented in the huge range of clubs and other co-curricular activities offered at Balwyn High School.


Year 9 is an important year in which students prepare for the transition to Senior School. They have to become independent learners and creative thinkers. The highlight for Year 9 students is the week they spend in the City of Melbourne on City Experience. Year 9 students continue to study English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Physical Education as core subjects but they are also able to choose four of a wide range of elective subjects.