Vision and Values

Balwyn High School has an exemplary tradition of academic excellence. It has an outstanding reputation for fostering intellectual growth and personal development as a foundation of future success for all students.

The school’s leadership team and School Council are aware of the rapidly changing local and global environment, as well as the need for the school to equip students for the emerging knowledge era.

The school’s vision for future development is articulated in the Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 and in the Annual Implementation Plans.

Balwyn High School strives to stay at the forefront of education and to be the benchmark for educational excellence.

The school has established specific improvement targets in four areas:

  • Student learning
  • Student engagement and wellbeing
  • Student pathways and transition
  • Creating a performance and development culture

The focus of these improvement strategies is to transform learning and raise achievement levels for all students.

The learning community of Balwyn High School is committed to assisting young people to develop the skills, attributes, knowledge and personal qualities that they require to act as resilient, independent, lifelong learners. The skills, attributes, knowledge and personal qualities we nurture include:

  • A set of values
  • A capacity to be flexible and adapt to change, derived from knowing how to learn
  • A belief in lifelong learning and the capacity for learning to learn
  • The capacity to solve problems, to think creatively and to think critically
  • The capacity to work effectively as a member of a team and to demonstrate initiative
  • High self-esteem, optimism and a commitment to excellence
  • An international perspective characterised by compassion and tolerance
  • An active concern for others and for the environment, reflecting an understanding of their roles as responsible global citizens

The following diagram shows how Balwyn High School’s vision is integrated with its emphasis on personal and educational excellence.