Our school uniform provides a smart, distinctive and functional way of identifying members of our school community. It assists in the development of ‘Respect for Self’ by specific attention to dress and creates a sense of connectedness to Balwyn High School. Our uniform also provides immediate identification of unauthorised persons in the school buildings and grounds which ensures a safe and secure environment for our students and staff.

Balwyn High School has a strong culture of school uniform which is endorsed by the School Council. Belonging to Balwyn High School has many advantages and benefits, but for students and parents it also brings the responsibility of being fully committed to the student wearing the full school uniform correctly and with pride ‘all day every day’. Please read the uniform information and familiarise yourself with the requirements of both the summer uniform and the winter uniform.

Purchase of Uniform – New

The school’s preferred uniform supplier is Bob Stewart of Kew (201-207 High Street, Kew). Bob Stewart donates a percentage of uniform sales to the Balwyn High School Aim High Building Appeal and sponsors school activities. Scarves and sports caps are available from the school’s General Office.

Purchase of Uniform – Second-hand

The sale of Second-Hand Uniform Shop has been operating since 2000. In this time it has continued to expand its turnover and is a valuable resource for the school community. It is one of the major sources of income for the Chaplaincy Program at the school.

General Appearance

All students are expected to dress in complete school uniform and to present a neat appearance, with shirts tucked in at all times, unless the new Balwyn High School tailored shirt is being worn in the summer months. This also applies when there are excursions, and general assemblies, unless permission to the contrary has been given by the Principal. Students are required to wear complete school uniform when travelling to and from school. A uniform pass will not excuse students from wearing a complete school uniform on excursions, including sport.

  1. Blazers are worn as outer garments by all students on all school occasions, to and from school and at general assemblies, and on all school excursions unless otherwise stated. Year 12 students may wear their navy blue Year 12 jumper as an outer garment only in Term 1 and Term 4 with blazers being worn as the outer garment during Term 2 and Term 3.
  2. A watch may be worn, but no jewellery. However, if ears are pierced, one plain sleeper or small gold stud may be worn. A ring, sleeper or stud may not be worn on any other part of the face.
  3. If hair is long, it may, for reasons of safety, be required to be tied back in certain classes. Certain hair styles and hair colourings are not acceptable at Balwyn High School and the principal reserves the right to determine what is permissible.
  4. There are to be no visible tattoos.
  5. All articles of clothing, including shoes, must be clearly named.
  6. ‘Cross trainers’ are to be worn in PE and Sport classes and may be worn in the yard at recess and lunchtime for the purpose of playing games, but they are not acceptable as a replacement for school shoes at other times. School shoes must have flat heels (see description below).
  7. ‘Out-of- uniform’ days are sometimes held in order to raise money for social service. On such occasions, neat casual dress and neat safe footwear is permitted. The Principal reserves the right to decide what is permissible.
  8. The school is very well heated and regulation school uniform should be adequate for warmth in winter.
  9. Girls must wear their skirts/dresses at, or below knee length. The waistband of the skirt must not be folded up.
  10. Make-up and nail polish are unsuitable for school and are not to be worn.
  11. Boys are expected to be clean shaven.
  12. Students who do not meet the school’s code of dress/appearance will not be permitted to participate in out-of- school activities or in those activities where visitors come to the school.
  13. If the full PE uniform cannot be worn to school, the full school uniform must be worn. The school track suit and winter PE vest are the only approved over-garments for physical education or sport.
  14. The School Council’s preferred supplier of school uniform is Bob Stewart’s of Kew, 201-217 High Street, Kew.
  15. The Chaplaincy Committee operates the Balwyn High School Second-Hand Uniform Shop which provides an economical alternative to the purchase of new items. When students exit Balwyn High School, they can sell or donate their uniform through the second-hand uniform shop.
  16. It is highly recommend that the Balwyn High School bag or equivalent backpack/trolley is used.


The school uniform requirements are outlined below:

Dress/Shorts/Trousers Summer dress with white, knee-high or above the ankle socks; or tailored regulation grey BHS shorts, with long grey walk socks; or BHS Pinhead grey trousers with black socks (any other type of grey trousers are not acceptable). Belt with trousers – plain black leather.
Shirt BHS tailored short sleeve shirt with School crest on pocket
Blazer Navy with BHS crest
Shoes Black leather Oxford style lace-up shoes with low heels or T-bar sandals (Harrison Style)
Hair ribbons If worn, must be gold, white, green or navy
Cap School cap with crest (to be worn during Sunsmart period – Terms 1 and 4)
Pullover Plain green with school crest (navy in Year 12)
Skirt/Trousers/Shorts BHS tartan skirt with pleats either side, front and back and black opaque tights; or BHS Pinhead grey trousers with black socks (any other type of grey trousers are not acceptable); or tailored regulation grey BHS shorts, with long grey walk socks. Belt with trousers – plain black leather
Shirt White, long sleeve regulation Fairmark Gold
Tie Compulsory for Terms 2 and 3. The top shirt button is to be done up and the tie fixed at the top under the collar.
  Scarf (navy blue BHS scarf only), navy raincoat (optional), gloves (navy only), lanyard. Persistent non-compliance to the uniform policy will be subject to the disciplinary procedures.


Balwyn High School sport polo, sport shorts, rugby top, spray jacket, polar fleece, track pants, sports cap (summer), Balwyn High School sport socks (or plain white). The PE uniform should be worn to school on PE/Sport/Sport competition days. The PE uniform must not be worn on any non-PE/Sport days. Students must wear sport uniform to all timetabled Physical Education and Sport classes, and interschool sport.


If hair is long, it may be required to be tied back in certain classes for safety reasons and also health reasons. Certain hair styles and hair colourings are not acceptable at Balwyn High School and the Principal reserves the right to determine what is permissible. As a secondary school, students are expected to take responsibility for being sun smart by wearing a school cap during outdoor activities or staying in the shade, if they are not wearing sunscreen, particularly during Terms 1 and 4. Caps are not to be worn inside. Students are permitted to wear sunglasses during outdoor activities. Sunglasses should be close-fitting, wrap-around that meet the Australian Standards 1067 and cover as much of the eye area as possible.