Aim of Student Services

Student Services plays a crucial role in helping to ensure that our school community is a respectful, diverse and supportive one, where students have the capacity to develop their individual interests and strengths. Balwyn High School acknowledges that student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are intrinsically linked and aim to promote a culture where all members of the school community recognise the significant role they have in contributing to an individual’s wellbeing.


Dimensions of Wellbeing

The many dimensions of wellbeing highlight the need for integrating and delivering a whole school approach. Student Services aims to encourage young people in the development of skills which build their resilience enabling them to deal with any challenges they may face and ultimately become more capable adults. One of the most important aspects relating to positive student wellbeing is the culture of relationships within a school, including the important partnership between home and school.


Student Services Team

A collaborative team, led by the Director of Student Services, includes psychologists, counsellors, chaplain, and administrative staff. Services range from one-on-one support through to whole school programs. It is fundamental to acknowledge that Student Learning and Wellbeing Managers and teachers are a vital source of support. All members of the school community are determinants in the success of our students, working collectively to ensure that they feel valued and cared for, intervening early to identify and respond to individual needs.