Annual Report

All schools prepare an Annual Report to inform parents and the wider school community of the school’s successes, activities and achievements throughout the year. The report also provides an opportunity to communicate and publicise the longer term directions for the school.

Click on the button below to download the Annual Report for Balwyn High School.

Annual Implementation Plan

The School Accountability and Improvement Framework comprises four main elements that enable Balwyn High School to
  • plan for improvement via a four-year school strategic plan and an annual implementation plan;
  • evaluate progress towards the improvement goals and targets via both an internal school self-evaluation and an external school review;
  • report on progress in core school performance indicators and other achievements via an annual report to the school community; and
  • manage risk and compliance with legislation and departmental policies.

These elements are neither discrete nor independent tasks. Rather, in keeping with the intent and principles of good leadership and governance, they form part of a coherent planning and reporting process for organising the school’s improvement efforts.